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Report a repair

We want you to enjoy living in your home, so we are committed to providing a repairs service you can rely on.

The easiest way to report a non-emergency repair is to use our online form and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

Alternatively, our Customer Service Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so whatever time you call, we can help.

  • Tel: 0800 131 3348 or 0300 123 3511
  • Text:  07795 265 843
  • Typetalk / minicom: 01482 580 576

Access to your property

For us to carry out repairs and safety checks in your home, we will require access to your property. Please ensure our Sanctuary Maintenance team can gain access to your property to complete these tasks. For more information regarding your safety and staff access, please read our Sanctuary Maintenance security advice.

For more information on reporting a repair to Sanctuary Housing,view our video below:


If you have an emergency repair, please call us on 0800 131 3348 or 0300 123 3511

What is considered to be an emergency repair?

What is an emergency repair infographic.

An emergency repair is something that needs to be fixed straight away, this could be:

  • A gas leak or dangerous electrical fault
  • Major damage to the structure of your home
  • A serious security problem, such as a front door that cannot be locked
  • The loss of essential services, such as water or electricity.

What the next steps will be:

  • You will be notified of the target date the repair will be completed, and whether a contractor or inspection is needed.
  • We will help you through an emergency by ensuring your home is safe as quickly as possible. We will also arrange for any follow-up work required.
For further information:

Before contacting the Customer Service Centre with a repair request, you may find it helpful to read one of the repairs self-help guides below.

The guides provide general advice and information about some of the most common things you may have problems or concerns within your home.

The guides also provide simple checks you can carry out yourself, which may solve the problem you have and prevent the need for someone to come to your home.

If you are uncomfortable about carrying out any of the checks suggested in the self-help guides or have concerns about any of the services in your home, please contact us.

You don’t have to pay for repairs that are our responsibility.

However, if you, anyone in your home or your pet cause damage to your home, you are responsible for the repair.

If we have to do the repair to make sure you and your home are safe, you will have to pay for the cost of the repair.

If the damage is caused by a break-in or vandalism, we will carry out work to make sure your home is safe. We can only do further work if you give us a Police Crime Report Number (not an Incident Number).

Wherever possible Sanctuary will carry out repairs through its own maintenance service, Sanctuary Maintenance. When the operative arrives at your home to carry out a check or repair, they will be in a Sanctuary Maintenance van and wearing a Sanctuary Maintenance branded uniform. You should always ask our operatives for identification before you let them into your home. On occasion, we will use contractors to carry out particular repairs jobs or checks for us. These contractors will also carry identification, which you should check.

If you have any suspicions about who is trying to gain access to your home, please do not let them in and contact us for more information.