Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm is the easiest way to alert you to the danger of fire, giving you time to escape.

You are responsible for making sure your smoke alarms in your home are in working order.

You should have smoke alarms fitted on every level of your home. They give you vital time to ‘get out, stay out and call 999’ if ever you’re unlucky enough to have a fire.

Please test all your smoke alarms once a month by pressing the test button until the alarm sounds.

If you have trouble testing your smoke alarm ask a friend, family member, neighbour or carer to test it for you. Do you know someone that may struggle to fit or check their smoke alarm? Could be a friend, neighbour, or family member, why not check theirs too?

If your smoke alarm has a one-year battery, make sure it is changed every year and only take the battery out when you need to replace it.

Twice a year - open the case and gently vacuum the inside to remove dust from the sensors. If it doesn't open, vacuum through the holes

If your smoke alarm is making an intermittent bleeping/chirping noise, please follow these steps:

  • check that your smoke alarm is definitely the source of the bleeping/chirping; make sure the noise isn't coming from another alarm(smoke/carbon monoxide/gas/burglar alarm) by process of elimination
  • clean the alarm as per the instructions above
  • test the alarm by pressing the 'test' button
  • change the battery (unless it's a ten-year alarm) or a hard-wired alarm

Top tip: When you are testing your smoke alarms, don’t forget to test your carbon monoxide alarms too.



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