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Sanctuary Housing - London and South East

Sanctuary Housing manages more than 10,000 homes in London, Kent and Sussex.

We have a wide range of homes available to rent or buy and are committed to providing quality homes and excellent services that meet the needs of the local community.

General rented housing provides affordable homes for people on low incomes. Our rented properties are available at lower rents than the open market.

Lettings for our general rented properties in London or the South East are carried out in partnerships with the Choice Based Lettings Schemes, Kent HomeChoice and Sussex Homemove.

People wanting to live in any of the London boroughs should contact the relevant local authority and enquire about how to register for the Choice Based Lettings scheme that they operate.

Residents already living in Sanctuary properties can apply to join our transfer lists, but should also approach the local authority as most of our properties are let through Choice Based Lettings (this is because of nomination agreements in place) and the wait for another property can be considerable.

We have open lists for our housing for older people in the region and the waiting times are much shorter for re-housing.

For further information:

Change of circumstances

Should your circumstances change, please let us know by filling in the 'Change of Circumstances' section on our online form.

Sanctuary provides high quality schemes which benefit from a scheme manager service, allowing residents to live comfortably, securely and independently.

Residents have their own self-contained accommodation; services include a dedicated scheme manager responsible for the management of the building and communal areas, 24 hour in-house telecare service and a separate 24 hour phone line to report any repairs or raise enquiries.

For further information:

  • For further information about housing for older people in London and the South East, please call us on 0800 917 0092 or 0300 123 3599.

Sanctuary in neighbourhoods

Hackney, London

Our approach to investing in Hackney is about involving everyone with a positive interest in the neighbourhood: whether they rent from us or own their own home; whether they go to school in Hackney, or run a business.

Nominations have now closed for the Sanctuary in Hackney Community Awards 2017.

Thank you to everyone for submitting their nominations for their Community Award winners.

Nominees have now been shortlisted, and winners will be announced at our Community Awards Ceremony on Friday 30th June.

Valerie Forde Good Neighbour

For going that extra mile to make a difference for a neighbour or neighbourhood

Shortlisted nominees are as follows:

  • Sarah Watt
  • Hackney Marsh Partnership
  • Bianca Thomas
  • Wendy Thomas
  • Patti Bee
  • Gascoyne & Morningside Youth Club

Young Leader

For people aged 10-25 living in Hackney who have lead positive community action within their neighbourhood

Shortlisted nominees are as follows:

  • Bianca Thomas
  • Sean Bolger
  • Morningside Luxurious Treatz

Wellbeing Champion

For supporting their community to be healthy, active and fit

Shortlisted nominees are as follows:

  • Michelle Dornelly
  • Margaret Mullan
  • Sharks Karate
  • Dr Nathaniel Oyinlove
  • Gascoyne & Morningside Youth Club
  • Fatima Tosyner

Green Hero

For transforming the local environment for everyone to enjoy

Shortlisted nominees are as follows:

  • Sarah Watt
  • Children with Voices
  • Patti Bee
  • Vincent Dunkley
  • ecoACTIVE

Community Empowerment

For an individual or organisation that has given people training, skills and confidence

Shortlisted nominees are as follows:

  • Sev Necati
  • Derek Smith
  • ecoACTIVE
  • Gascoyne & Morningside Youth Club Leaders
  • Hackney Marsh Partnership
  • Simran Kaur
  • Hackney Community Trust prayer group
  • Dr Nathaniel Oyinlove
  • Joyclen (Concorde Youth Hub)

Tony Gouveia Spotlight Award

For bringing people together to enjoy art, craft, drama and creativity

Shortlisted nominees are as follows:

  • Derek Smith
  • Charmain Humphrey
  • Gascgoyne & Morningside Youth Club

Celebration night

Shortlisted nominees, and their families and friends, will be joined by local residents and partner organisations to celebrate their achievements on Friday 30th June 2017 at the Yard Theatre.

Sanctuary Housing's third Hackney Community Awards celebrates residents and community partners who excel in playing their part to support the community. Presented by Kat B, local MTV Base presenter, DJ and actor, family and friends joined nominees and award winners at the special ceremony held in the Hackney Town Hall.

Keep checking back to view the awards video, currently in production.

View the photo gallery on our Facebook page

Valerie Forde Good Neighbour (logo)The Valerie Forde Good Neighbour Award

For going that extra mile to make a difference for a neighbour or neighbourhood.

Winner:  Mav Igho


young person of the yearYoung Person of the Year

For positive community action made by young people aged 10-25 living in Hackney.

Winner:Joel Ventura


Contribution to sportContribution to Sport

For organising or taking part in sports and being a role model to others.

Winner:James Court


Green Hero award (logo)Green Hero

For transforming the local environment for everyone to enjoy.

Winner:  Daubeney Fields Forever


Partnership Award (logo)Partnership

For the organisation or partnership that is outstanding in supporting and meeting the needs of the community.

Winner:  Hackney Marsh Partnership


Community Spirit (logo)Community Spirit

For a group, organisation or event that has brought people together.

Winner:  Immediate Theatre Based Youth Theatre/Hackney Marsh Partnership


Kingsmead, London

Our approach to investing in Kingsmead is about involving everyone with a positive interest in the neighbourhood: whether they rent from us or own their own home; whether they go to school in Kingsmead, or run a business.

Reverend Angie Melaniphy is the team vicar at Christ Church-on-the-Mead and currently runs two projects – Piloxenia, a support group for non-documented migrant women, and Forever Young, a group for over 50s who meet to enjoy activities including the popular gardening project, Colouring in Kingsmead. 

How we’ve helped

  • Provided a plot of disused land on the estate as a venue for the Colouring In community garden.
  • Donated £6,500 of funding for the initial set up of the garden.
  • Donated a further £1,000 from the Grand Ideas Fund for the garden group launch and support.
  • Staff have volunteered their time to help with planning and funding bids.


  • Up to three gardening sessions held every week with up to eight people attending every session.
  • Neighbourhood grown produce is shared with local residents at community events.
  • Project volunteers celebrate and share the work on the garden with pop-up community cafes throughout the summer.
  • A disused piece of land on the estate has been transformed into a vibrant garden.

Kingsmead Primary School is attended by 246 pupils, the majority of whom live on the estate. The school celebrates its multi-cultural identity – 73% of the children speak English as their second language and more than 45 different languages are spoken in the school. The school was rated as ‘outstanding’ in its last Ofsted inspection.

How we’ve helped

  • Provided £3,000 of funding from our Grand Ideas Fund.
  • Providing annual sponsorship of £250 for the school summer fair.
  • Sponsoring the school football kit.
  • Staff volunteered more than 60 hours of their time to support children to read during their lunch time.


  • The school engages with Sanctuary’s community initiatives, including a nest box building workshop and a local gardening project.
  • The strong partnership developed between Sanctuary and the school enables the development of innovative projects that will continue to increase opportunities for local children.
  • Pupils now have a better overall understanding of cultural identity.



Our approach to regeneration in Morningside is about involving everyone with a positive interest in the neighbourhood: whether they rent from us or own their own home; whether they go to school in Morningside, or run a business.

Nicolette Nixon has lived on the Morningside estate for more than 40 years and has always been an active member of the local community and the Morningside Tenants & Residents Association. Nicolette and other residents decided to set up a youth club to give local youngsters a safe place where they could have fun after school.

How we’ve helped

  • Provided £1,000 worth of funding to develop Nicolette’s ideas.
  • Sanctuary staff have volunteered their time to help with planning and supporting funding bids.


  • More than 500 young people have engaged with the youth club since it was founded.
  • More than 150 youngsters currently attend the three sessions which are held every week.
  • Reported reduction in antisocial behaviour on the estate.
  • Six youth work jobs created and six young volunteers provide peer support.



Our approach to investing in Haringey is about involving everyone with a positive interest in the neighbourhood: whether they rent from us or own their own home; whether they go to school in Haringey, or run a business.

Come and join the Personal Safety & Self-Defence Course with Sev Necati Training, a multi-award winning training organisation.

Sev Necati will be running a 12 – week free course from February to April. The course is open to all women and girls aged 14 and over, that wish to learn invaluable skills and knowledge and feel empowered!

The date, times and locations of the course are below:

Starts Thursday 9th February and every Thursday until 27th April.

From 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Concord Centre, Kingsmead Way E9 5PP

The course is free.  A deposit of £10.50 to secure your place must be paid in advance, which will be returned at the end of the course.

ONLY 12 FREE SPACES (conditions apply*)

*You must be able to commit to the whole 12 weeks of the project, to qualify for a free place and receive a certificate and goodie bag at the end of the course.

Personal Safety Course Flyer (PDF 143KB)

Filling The Gap is a community café with an ethos that tasty, healthy and affordable food should be accessible to the local community. The café also offers catering for small events, cooking and nutrition workshops, with all food items locally sourced to reduce their carbon footprint and support local growers.

How we’ve helped

  • £5,200 Sanctuary Community Investment funding over 3 years.
  • Discount vouchers circulated by Sanctuary staff to encourage residents to access the café.
  • 30 hours of staff time over 3 years. 


  • In learning to cook healthier and more affordable meals, workshop participants are now equipped to benefit from better long-term health and financial outcomes.
  • Founders Kate and Renee have met new local partners and developed new ideas and projects for the future.
  • Those who have attended cookery workshops have increased confidence to be able to participate in future community projects, such as catering for Sanctuary’s annual awards night in Hackney.

James has lived in Haringey for over 50 years and is the Chair of Friends of Russell Park. As a lifelong gardener, James takes great pride in helping to turn Russell Park into one of the best parks in the area. Like many people in the area he doesn’t have a garden of his own at home, so he values the gardening and food growing opportunities that the park offers, encouraging and supporting local people to participate in the group’s activities.

How we’ve helped

  • £1,350 Sanctuary Community Investment funding.
  • £13,000 investment through Sanctuary More! Funding.
  • 20 hours of Sanctuary staff time.


  • The group use their knowledge and experience to support other new local projects.
  • The visual appeal of the park has been strengthened, increasing people’s enjoyment of their community and creating a focus for positive social interaction.
  • James is a true project champion and has met new local partners, developing new ideas and projects to bring to the area.

Burghley Road Play Space is a volunteer-run charity which supports children under five and their families in the north London community. Their emphasis is on healthy eating, sustainable living and embracing the rich cultural diversity of the local area. With Sanctuary’s on-going support, the centre offers a range of activities, creates a much-needed support network and is a place to make friends and become part of the local community.

How we’ve helped

  • £1,500 Sanctuary Community Investment funding.
  • 10 hours of Sanctuary staff time.
  • 1 Sanctuary volunteering day to redecorate the space.


  • The centre is now growing its range of activities for local families.
  • Volunteers are making links with other organisations to share their expertise with other local groups.
  • Continued opportunities for families to learn new skills through projects run at the centre.

London and South East News

Residents in Hackney can now benefit from improved internet access.

Broadband boost for Hackney community centres

28 May 2020

Residents in Hackney can now benefit from improved internet access while using local community centres.

Volunteers sticking notes to resident's doors

Volunteers looking after the welfare of neighbours

9 April 2020

Residents in North London are looking after their neighbours to make sure they are safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

Available properties in London and South East

Exterior at Marine Parade, Wimborne House

Marine Parade, Harwich, Essex, CO12

Weekly rent: 
Key features: 
  • Studio
  • Scheme Manager
  • Communal facilities
  • 24 hour alarm service

This purpose built studio is exclusively for people over the age of 60 or 55 if in receipt of PIP. The studio consists of a kitchen/lounge/bedroom and bathroom with shower.

Exterior of Chapel Hill in Halstead.

Chapel Hill, Halstead, Essex CO9

Weekly rent: 
Key features: 
  • One bedroom
  • Lift access
  • Level access shower
  • Parking

1 bedroom ground floor flat 10-minute walk to Halstead centre.


Advice on COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The health and safety of our residents, their families and our staff is our number one priority.

In response to Government guidelines following the COVID-19 outbreak, we have made some changes to how we provide services to our customers. More information about our response can be found on our dedicated webpage and via our social media channels.

We are monitoring Government advice around local lockdowns and will highlight any specific service changes for each area should they arise.

Read our notice