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Capital event sees Torbay Community Organisers shine

14 May 2015

Four Community Organisers in Torbay who have dedicated the past 12 months to improving local neighbourhoods have celebrated the end of their training year at a London event.

The event

Three of the Community Organisers – Maurice O’Connell, Nina Cooper and Weronika Iwanicka – attended the event at City Hall.


Hosted by Sanctuary Housing as part of the Community Organising programme run by Locality, the national network of community-led organisations, the group has spent the last year engaging with local residents supporting positive change in the Bay.

Torbay’s Community Organisers have been able to help local communities take the lead in transforming their neighbourhoods for the better.

Local neighbourhood

Their projects have included working to create a playspace for youngsters in Watcombe, protecting local recreation grounds, establishing different residents’ associations and developing neighbourhood initiatives, such as a family support group and a local website with the community of Queen Elizabeth Drive.

Now they have completed their training, some of Torbay’s Community Organisers will move on to roles as Senior Organisers and work with local residents to progress neighbourhood projects.

Lynne Roberts, Sanctuary’s local neighbourhood partnerships manager, said: “The project has been a big success and the Community Organisers have made a real difference to communities across the Bay.

“I’m sure their positive community-led work will continue to have an effect long into the future.”

Locality CEO, Tony Armstrong, said: “In Torbay, just like in every corner of the country, our Community Organisers listen to what people in the community want, need, fear or dream of and work with them to improve their own lives and neighbourhoods.”


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