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Fairy and ogre trail at Blacon Nature Park

26 August 2015

Children and parents are taking part in a magical trail and discovering doors leading to fairy homes in Blacon’s Nature Park.

Magical trail at Blacon’s Nature Park

Doors to the fairy homes have appeared on trees around the park as a way of firing the imaginations of youngsters over the summer holidays.

Ogre cave at Blacon’s Nature Park

Thanks to funding from Avenue Services and Sanctuary Housing, there are a number of doors for families to discover, as well as an entrance leading to an ogre cave which, according to local legend, the ogre leaves every night to cause mischief around the area.

Sandra Hewitt, Avenue Services’ neighbourhood and locality officer, said: “Legend has it that when the ogre comes out at night, the fairies have until the morning to tidy up the mess he leaves behind before they all return to their homes.

“We’re always looking to support exciting activities for our residents and we’re committed to funding and delivery projects that benefit the Blacon community.”

To take part in the fairy and ogre hunt, or to support the Friends of Blacon Nature Park, please contact Sandra Hewitt on 01244 305456 or email sandra.hewitt@sanctuary-housing.co.uk


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