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How we’re dealing with antisocial behaviour during pandemic

25 August 2020
Two policeman standing side by side

Reports of antisocial behaviour (ASB) have increased during the coronavirus pandemic as people have become less tolerant of each other.

At Sanctuary we have seen an escalation in the incidences of ASB among residents and are working with the relevant authorities to resolve issues. Over the past months we have successfully supported the police to obtain a whole host of injunctions against individuals as well as closure orders on properties.

Throughout this challenging time, we are here to help and support you so please get in touch with our Customer Service Centre by calling us on 0800 916 1522 or 0300 123 3568 or by completing our online form.

A team member will take your details and talk you through the issues you are experiencing. If you are at risk or have experienced violence they will also ask you to report this to the police using 999. 

If the matter is noise nuisance they may check that you have attempted to discuss the problem with your neighbour as this is always advisable. Depending on the issue they may ask you to complete a monitoring logbook, which will be sent out to you, so that there is a clear record of your situation.

During the pandemic the way we manage ASB at a local level has changed because in order to prevent the spread of the virus we are unable to carry out home visits. In some cases we will meet with you at your door but if this is not appropriate we will call you instead.

Please be reassured that we are here to support you wherever we can.