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Morningside youngsters take part in Grow a London Garment project

11 December 2014
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Young students from across Morningside have been learning how to transform seeds into clothes with the Grow a London Garment project, thanks to a donation from Sanctuary Housing’s Community Investment Fund.

Year four pupils from Morningside Primary School rolled up their sleeves to learn the textile techniques with the help from local community group Cordwainers Garden Association.

Growing London garments

The nine month project, which involved sowing seeds, harvesting stock and cloth-creating workshops, saw youngsters sorting, breaking, heckling and spinning flax fibres to create home-grown garments. The design enthusiasts gained an inspiring insight into the hard-work that goes into creating the clothing worn every day.

Zoe Burt, flax workshop leader of the Grow a London Garment project, said: “Understanding that clothes can be made from linen is exciting, and seeing how that process starts from a tiny seed and ends in a garment helps the children think about where their clothes come from and make a connection to nature and their environment.

“The flax project was a real success and we managed to engage with youngsters in a hands-on way to promote a very important message and we are hugely grateful to Sanctuary for their support."

About Grow a London Garment Project

Grow a London Garment was launched this year in a bid to engage residents of all ages with their urban environment. The project is nearing completion with flax seeds having been scattered in local gardens, parks and allotments which will then be harvested and spun in workshops.

Jo Revett, Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager, added: “The Grow a London Garment campaign is very unique and it’s great that Sanctuary is able to support young residents engaging with their community – something we’re proud to be a part of.”

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