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New community organisers in Torbay

27 May 2014

Sanctuary Housing is calling on all residents to come and meet five new Community Organisers that will support positive change in Torbay neighbourhoods.

In partnership with social action charity Locality, we have hired five Community Organisers to go out and listen to the local community. The new team, who have recently completed their extensive training as part of Locality’s Community Organisers Programme, are ready to join forces and promote community action with local residents and business owners.

The Community Organisers will be hitting as many neighbourhoods as possible and are encouraging residents to come forward with their concerns and aspirations. The new team will take a hands-on approach by listening to what the local residents love, and want to change, about their community.

Throughout the yearlong contract, the Community Organisers will oversee all developments in a number of Torbay’s neighbourhoods, including Hele, Foxhole, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Great Parks, Ellacombe, Plainmoor, Torre, Upton and Watcombe.

Lynne Roberts, Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnership manager, said: “We are all thrilled with the new team and how quickly they have picked up the training. All the new Community Organisers are keen to get out there and start making a difference, and we can’t wait to support them.

“Each Community Organiser is assigned a neighbourhood and will be getting to know local families and businesses. We urge the local residents to note who their community organiser is and if they have any concerns to contact them straight away – it’s a great opportunity to have your voices heard.”

Contacting your Community Organiser

Maurice O’Connell is the Community Organiser for Hele and is contactable on 07929 340018.

Nina Cooper is the Community Organiser for Foxhole, Queen Elizabeth Drive and Great Parks. Nina is contactable on 07929 335915.

Weronika Iwanicka is the Community Organiser for Ellacombe and is contactable on 07929 335994.

Debbie Skerrett is the Community Organiser for Plainmoor, Torre and Upton. Debbie is contactable on 07929 336946.

Paul Willicott is the Community Organiser for Watcombe and is contactable on 07929 336321.

More about Locality

Locality is a national network of over 700 community-led organisations and 200 associate partners, acting as a support network for members via a range of projects. For more information, please visit http://locality.org.uk/


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