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Shiregreen residents invited to slow cook a recipe for success

12 December 2017
Shiregreen residents invited to slow cook a recipe for success poster.

Shiregreen residents who want to get healthy and find good value ways to cook in 2018 are invited to take part in a brand new slow cooker course from Sanctuary Housing and SOAR.

Free slow cooker

Community project Blend will be delivering the training to local residents, with a free slow cooker on offer to each household attending the full course.

Healthy, low-cost food

Starting next month, the free programme is aimed at teaching how to prepare healthy, low-cost food in a slow cooker, as well as encouraging local residents to interact and pass on recipe tips.

Chatting with neighbours

Trainers will also be cooking healthy snacks for course attendees to enjoy at the end of each session while chatting about themselves and the skills they have learnt.

“Really useful appliance”

Sam Davis from Blend said: “Slow cookers are a really useful appliance for any kitchen and we are really looking forward to showing local residents how they can be used for most dishes, from curries to hearty soups.”

“Useful new cookery skills”

Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager, Melanie King, added: “We hope that this course will offer local residents the chance to learn useful new cookery skills, as well as meeting neighbours with a similar interest.

“I would urge people who take part to come every week so they can secure a slow cooker for themselves, and be able to cook the tasty dishes they learn at home.”

The course will run for six weeks from Monday 22 January 2018, 1-3pm at Shiregreen Neighbourhood Centre. Any Shiregreen resident interested in booking one of the limited places on the course can call the centre on 0114 245 9200 or email shiregreenneighbourhoodcentre@gmail.com.

This project is funded by Sanctuary’s Community Investment Fund, supporting projects which benefit Sanctuary residents and their communities, and SOAR’s People Keeping Well: Firth Park/Shiregreen community partnership.


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