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Tuition programme inspires children to improve learning

1 August 2017

Primary school children in Hackney have been encouraged to make the most of their academic abilities through an inspiring tuition programme.

Sanctuary Housing has joined forces with Tutors United to fund extra lessons for pupils at Kingsmead Primary School.

Twelve children have been reaping the rewards of dedicated English and Maths sessions during the course of the past school year, helping them to fulfil their potential in the classroom.

Taught by trained students from Queen Mary University of London, the pupils have shown marked improvements in their learning and confidence as a result of the extra lessons.

Parents have also benefited from training sessions to help them support their children’s education at home.

In addition, the programme has enabled the university students to seek further employment as private tutors.

Teresa Smith and Kawesi Holland, Year Five and Six pupils respectively at Kingsmead Primary School, have both excelled in the additional sessions.

Tutor Fariha Chowdhury said: “I have really enjoyed teaching at Kingsmead as the pupils can be very eager to learn.

“Teresa has greatly benefited from working in a smaller classroom environment. The growing confidence and effort that she has put into her work in classes has undoubtedly fuelled her academic success.

“From his very first lesson, Kawesi was very keen to take part in group activities and his motivation continued throughout subsequent lessons as he helped his peers with their work.”

Toby Moore, Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager, said: “This has been a hugely successful project and underlines our commitment to supporting residents in developing new skills.”

Tutors United is a not-for-profit organisation, which hires and trains university students to provide affordable tutoring to primary school pupils who need it most.


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