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Young people in Banbury take part in healthy cooking programme

4 July 2016

Residents from a supported living scheme in Banbury have been showing off their cooking skills as part of a healthy cooking programme.

With support from Sanctuary Housing, the group of young people from Banbury Foyer, managed by Sanctuary Supported Living (SSL), have been taking part in cooking and budgeting classes to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy cooking programme

Using food delivered by Banbury Food for Charities, the young people added in other ingredients where necessary to prepare a range of healthy dishes they could then try making for themselves at home.

As well as cooking, the sessions promoted physical health and focused on how the young people could live a healthy lifestyle, including discussions on sugar and energy drinks.

The group was also provided with budgeting advice, including how they could save money by not depending on takeaways, using cheap ingredients and leftovers instead.

Taking place during June, the sessions were held every Thursday and run by the local NHS Healthy Cooking Skills Project, which is part of the Brighter Futures in Banbury regeneration programme.

Following their success at Banbury Foyer, the sessions are soon to be rolled out to young parents at SSL’s Rachel House, also in Banbury.

“The healthy way to cook”

Sheila Jault, who delivers the sessions, said: “Working with partners such as Sanctuary is the best way of getting in front of clients who both want, and need, to learn how to cook.  The young people have been fantastic - it is always wonderful to be able to show people who don't cook what you can do with a small number of ingredients.  During one recent session a resident who thought they didn't like broccoli was shown the healthy way to cook it and couldn't believe how lovely it was.”

“Opportunity for the young people to develop much-needed skills”

Kate Winstanley, Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager, added: “These sessions are a fantastic opportunity for the young people to develop much-needed skills to help them in the future, both in the way of cooking and budgeting.

“We are continually looking at ways we can support our residents to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life and these sessions have been a great approach for us to achieve this.”

This programme was funded by Sanctuary’s Community Investment Fund, supporting projects which benefit Sanctuary’s residents and their communities.


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