Report a Repair

Please only use this form if the repair required is not an emergency.

If you believe that the repair is an emergency, for example, if there is a serious threat to health and safety, such as a gas leak or dangerous electrical fault, please do not use this form, please call 0800 916 1525 or 0300 123 3561

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Please provide as much detail as possible about the repair. The more detail you can provide helps us to ensure appropriate action is taken. Please note: we will need to check whether the repair you report is the responsibility of Sanctuary Housing, or whether you are responsible for the repair.

So we can arrange a convenient time to carry out the repairs you have requested, please indicate when you are normally at home – a tick means you are available.

**We will do everything we can to carry out repairs at a time suitable to you, but this may not be possible. As per your tenancy agreement, please be prepared to make yourself available to give us reasonable access to your home to carry out repair(s).**
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