Sanctuary Housing Flag Policy

Sanctuary Housing are happy for our tenants to display flags, however, as with any landlord, Sanctuary Housing’s policy does require tenants to gain permission before making any significant adaptations, such as installing a flagpole, or carrying out work which might damage one of the properties that we own.

As part of being considerate to our neighbours, it is also a requirement of our tenancy agreements for residents to keep the areas outside their homes tidy.

If you are a tenant who would like to make an adaptation to your property, or would like further clarification please contact your local housing officer. Further information can be found on how to contact us here.   

Should we receive a complaint about a tenant flying a flag, then we will need to investigate and check there is not a breach of tenancy agreement. Each complaint of this nature is dealt with on a case by case basis.

More information is available about Sanctuary Housing’s complaints policy, and anyone who would like to make a complaint can do so on the form available on Sanctuary Housing’s Complaints or Criticisms page.