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Right to Buy

There are a number of schemes available which may enable you to buy the property you currently rent from Sanctuary Group at a lower price than the full market value.

The current schemes which Sanctuary Group offer include Preserved Right to Buy, Right to Acquire and Sanctuary Housing Association’s Voluntary Sales Policy.

Preserved Right to Buy

You may be eligible for preserved right to buy if you were a former secure tenant with a local authority and you were part of a stock transfer to Sanctuary Group or to a housing association which later became  a member of Sanctuary Group. As a previous secure tenant you became an assured tenant as part of the stock transfer but kept your statutory right to buy. 

Right to Acquire

This applies to secure, assured, and some assured-shorthold tenants who do not have the Preserved Right to Buy, have spent at least three years as a public sector tenant and live in a property which qualifies for the scheme.

For a property to qualify for the scheme it must have been built or purchased by a Registered Provider of Social Housing and funded on or after 1st April 1997 through a Social Housing Grant or transferred on or after 1 April 1997 from a Public Sector Landlord.

Please note that if your property is located in a designated rural area it will be exempt from the Right to Acquire and you will not be able to purchase the property. If you would like to check if your property is located within a designated rural area please follow this link.

Sanctuary Housing Association’s Voluntary Sales Policy

This applies to eligible secure tenants of the following previous non-charitable housing association’s who merged with Sanctuary Housing Association:

  • Spiral Housing Association (mainly present in the Midlands)
  • Deansgate Housing Association (mainly present in Manchester)
  • Circle 33, namely Rocky Hill Terrace, Birnum Square, Turnstones Court, Meridian Court and Alpha Road acquired through mutual exchanges.
  • Lavender Green (mainly present in the Docklands development)

Voluntary Right to Buy

The Budget on 22 November 2017 confirmed the Government’s intention to proceed with a large-scale regional pilot of the Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) scheme in the Midlands, further details of which are to be announced. 

Follow this link to sign up to updates from the Government in regards to the development of the future plans to extend the Right to Buy.

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